We know almost everything about internet marketing. Our passion lies in website design and the effective, widely understood online advertising of websites. It’s what we do on a daily basis, and we try to transfer that expertise knowledge onto this portal. We have been operating in the marketing industry for several years, explored the deepest secrets of this business, and gained wisdom regarding all services offered by interactive agencies that operate on the market.

Currently, online advertising is in the lead over the traditional form of advertising. Its greatest benefit is the ability to quickly publish and customise the textual content on websites, with accordance to their development and evolution. It’s also crucial that such form of advertising can quickly and efficiently reach a multitude of online users. Online advertising increases the range of the reach, and as a result increases the number of visitors that arrive on your website – that is why internet marketing and expanding knowledge in this area is so vital, without it a modern business will be limited and may fail to beat the competition and extensively reach the desired audience.

The DPdesigns portal has been created for those who desire to thoroughly learn the components of effective online promotion and the processes involved. We decided to create sort of a ‘compendium of knowledge’ i.e. guidelines, news etc. that will be useful to anyone who is looking to either design websites, optimise them to suit the needs of search engines or advertise the website throughout the World Wide Web.

So what will you find on our portal? Above all, a large dose of invaluable information and advice in the field of SEO, optimisation, website audit, campaigning in social media, effective copywriting and proper selection of keywords. Though the topics will vary and extend beyond the aforementioned subject matters! In addition, we’ll discuss and analyse vast tools and programs useful for the work. Web designing, which is essentially a company’s showcase in the network, is yet another issue we will cover. After all, designing a perfect website means building a solid foundation for all other steps that will follow. A well made website (with mixture of great functionality, SEO optimisation and aesthetics) is key to unlocking its true potential on the www, guaranteeing its success.

We advise on how to conduct and run one of the most important processes during internet marketing – website hosting/positioning, which is a solid way to promote your online business. In the end, high position occurrence in the search engines will attract more visitors, because people trust Google, and are frightened to open up search results showing up on second or third pages, deeming them unreliable. Besides, appearing in the top results will mean that more people will remember the business’ institutions’ name. However, you shouldn’t forget about other factors that affect the company’s online authority and brand recognition, as a result, affecting the sale of products and services. All these issues are explored on this portal, so feel free to tune in!

We are always up to date with all new trends and will update you on all kinds of news and changes in current online marketing. We are happy to inform our readers about new products, services, programmes and portals that will help you lead the marketing campaign. With us you’ll be expanding your knowledge through reading the latest, valuable articles – we recommend these to anyone who considers web design and marketing as an important and exciting activity.

We have knowledge, experience, necessary qualifications and skills – this allows us to provide you with the best tips for those who are only starting their adventure with internet marketing and those who have been dealing within this field for a very long time. So both novice and experienced readers will find something for themselves. Our objective is to educate our readers with the ability to compose and formulate internet marketing strategies.

We are more than happy to answer all your questions and if necessary, we’ll help you find solutions to your problems that will guarantee quick and positive results.