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AdWords campaigns – why aren’t they bringing any results?

You can say a lot about AdWords campaigns because there is no single nor simple way to achieve a success of text ads in your own country/abroad, on the search network and beyond, or with a small or significant budget. AdWords campaigns have different needs and should all be specifically ‘tailored’ with accordance to your business, brand, products, services etc.

Established AdWords campaigns that provide no effects

This is a candid piece of advice: it’s best to entrust Google AdWords campaign to specialists, i.e. people who have knowledge in the field of digital marketing and preferably those who have completed specialised courses and are certified by Google AdWords themselves. After all you’d be surprised how technical such advertising really is and how many factors you need to consider in order to make the campaign effective. The Adwords specialists rarely work by themselves and are usually employed by bigger marketing agencies. And if we contact an agency to cooperate with them, it would be ideal if they were a Google Partner as well – for example an agency like Mapi Media, which is a trusted and reliable company that takes care of many aspects of digital marketing, especially Adwords campaigns.

When this is done, and your budget is appropriate then it’s also best if the agency employees are able to set up an SEO campaign on top of your purchased Adwords. After all, it has been proven that if you combine the two methods of online advertising/marketing then your positioning will be improved far more quickly and significantly. Your website’s position in organic search engine results is crucial, so it’s best to rely on a couple of different approaches to achieve the best and most satisfying results.

You can read about how to choose an SEO agency here:

Choosing an unreliable or unapproved agency may result in the campaign bringing very little results or no results at all. So, if you see little to no progress, or the lack of progress hasn’t been justified well enough, then it might be a sign you’re dealing with the wrong agency. Of course, sometimes AdWords campaigns can be a challenge to tackle even for experienced specialists, but in time, as result of trial and error, those experts will be able to find the best solutions which will prove to be successful. This is the difference between the high end and amateur digital advertising/marketing firms; some will adapt their strategies and evolve their techniques to constantly improve, progress and prosper, whereas others will halt their activities as soon as they reach satisfactory levels.

AdWords campaigns – the most common mistakes made

A properly conducted campaign will allow you to achieve significant profits. The success consists of: accurate targeting of target audience and selection of relevant & appropriate keywords. Unfortunately, it’s these elements that are most frequently miscalculated and therefore cause the AdWords campaigns to fail or be ineffective, as a result quickly depleting the budget.

Badly selected keywords

Search ads must be applied to relevant keywords. If a person is using broad associations, ambiguous wording or thematic wording that is completely irrelevant to the business considered, then a big problem arises. In turn, the use of very competitive words can be very expensive, and many entrepreneurs simply can’t afford to target their products/website under very specific keywords/phrases. For this reason alone it’s important to create a list of suitable keywords and discuss them with a professional to see which choices would produce the best effects online.

Fight for high positioning with a low financial budget

During the battle for the highest Google page spots, agencies that do not have a limited budget should have the passion and determination to take over and defeat the competition. An agency should strive to be the best and produce the best results, instead of simply opting for results that are sufficient i.e. reaching the Top 10. The work should be continuous and even if #1 is achieved then it needs to be kept up (which can only be done by regular maintenance)!

However, when it comes to AdWords campaigns, they don’t always have to be carried out with such momentum, and in some cases they shouldn’t. Remember that the owner of a business has to pay for every click on the ad. Therefore sometimes it’s okay to be a bit behind the first ad, after all, Adwords are far more efficient when it comes to browsing through them, compared to Google search pages, so when the customer desires something the chances are he/she will carefully analyse all the offers from various sites anyway.

Unreasonable targeting of mobile devices

Traffic from mobile devices is constantly growing in this day and age, but unfortunately some websites still aren’t mobile-friendly enough for users to freely browse through them on their touch-devices. If the website isn’t mobile/touchpad friendly in the first place, the AdWords ad should not be targeting mobile users, because even if they click on your website via the ad, they’ll be discouraged due to lack of good optimisation. Therefore it’s best to either invest in Adwords that only show up for Mac or PC users or to invest in optimising your website for mobiles. If this is discarded then the effect of the campaign can be very disappointing and you will essentially waste money and time.


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