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What should a correct blog entry look like?

It would seem that nowadays writing a text intended for publication on the web can be entrusted to anyone who knows the basic principles of English grammar and has something interesting, comprehensible and coherent to say about a given topic. Then again, many think that the Internet will accept the content of any type and you do not have to be an outstanding specialist in order to present your content online. Well, this isn’t entirely true. The Internet is flooded with a wave of poor quality content, because there are still rules to follow, even if you think your blog entry is perfect. So, what should a correct blog entry look like?

A correct blog entry – firstly, find an interesting topic

Correct blogIf the topic you’re dealing with isn’t very interesting, it should be at least up to date (contemporary), enticing and factual. We always write for the users, we analyse what kind of content would be useful and interesting for them to intake. Apart from the subject itself, the way you grasp your audience should be equally important. We do not waffle, we write specifics and we lay out our content so that the reader does not get tired/bored of our text. It is important to specify which target audience the article may be targeting i.e. who will be the most likely to read the full thing, adults, males, age 12-30? The subject of the blog post shouldn’t significantly differ from the subject of the entire blog either. Remember that the blog visitor visits your page because he/she has a specific interest in your overall content – so drastically changing the main subject matter and challenging their expectations may prove to be fruitless. We should write to people with specific interests, only then we will guarantee ourselves regular visitors, some old, some new.

Before starting your piece of work, it’s always worth to create a mind map or a general plan which will outline what you mean to convey. The development of each point can be a separate paragraph and this way you can keep everything ordered and organised. Writing should be preceded by an in-depth analysis of the topic as well as your content itself. Substantive errors will certainly discourage readers from continuing to read on and will prevent them from revisiting the blog. So it’s vital that you nail your writing right from the start.

A correct blog entry – all about the correct grammar

Correctly constructed sentences, no stylistic and spelling mistakes are what should characterise a good blog entry. But can you achieve great quality right away? Is the ready text suitable for immediate publication? Definitely not! Your work on the text does not end with a full stop at the end of the last sentence. The final text should be read over several times and corrected from all errors, not just by you, but also by a trusted proofreader. It may turn out that there are a lot of mistakes, so the more eyes go over your piece of work the better. Repetitions, typos, incorrect wording and bad phraseology should all be taken care of. Even the best copywriter can make a series of simple mistakes when he/she immediately wants to capture a genius idea. Once in the zone, a person tends to forget or dismiss obvious errors. Therefore proper editing is vital and during this process it’s important to catch out and correct all errors before you continue with the next stage.

A correct blog entry and its attractive appearance

how to add correct blog entryThe appearance of the blog entry is crucial. If the reader will have to face a very long, bland chunk of text which isn’t divided by any subheadings, paragraphs, bolding or bullet points, he/she will most likely leave straight away. The reader will find this boring, tiring and extremely time-consuming because they will have to repeat over again what they’ve just read; our eyes aren’t used to reading massive blocks of texts, and without breaks our brain gets lost, confused and disorganised. The reader would also like to receive the most important information as soon as possible. Searching puts people off, so to making it easier its always useful to highlight the most important information. A correctly formatted text will therefore look interesting and appealing, but it will also be easier gather and process info by the reader. Remember to use a clear and standardised font, paragraphs, headings or bolding. Statistical data should be placed on charts or in tables – those are visually stimulating and transparent. And let’s not forget about photos! All in all, the listed elements are welcome and appreciated by the users of the Internet, but more importantly Google search robots also approve of these features!

A correct blog entry and links to other entries

Some articles address issues discussed in other texts – they either complement or update them, and some even intertwine. In this case it’s always worth using the internal links system. Internal linking is key and should be present in every blog. Thanks to this, the reader can easily reach and discover other similar texts or gain interest in other recently published content on the blog. Creating a network of entries that interconnect or complement each other will make your blog far more appealing, as the readers will know that they can rely on you to provide them with info they require. And do not be afraid of external linking either. If we deem that another blogger has created interesting content and it relates well to ours, let readers know, because this will also extend or widen their knowledge, and they’ll fully appreciate your help. You can find more post here.

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