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How to make Facebook posts interesting to users?

There is no clear/one answer to the question of how to make Facebook posts interesting. It is obvious that not everyone is interested in the same content and not everyone likes the same methods of presentation. For this reason, each ad, including Facebook posts, is targeted (or at least should be) to a specific audience, i.e. a target group.

For the beginner-operator of the company’s Facebook profile, it may seem that there’s nothing simpler than creating and publishing a short profile post. Meanwhile, it turns out that the inclusion of useful information in such a short message box is an extremely difficult task. Some people suffer due to lack of ideas for entry topics, others have no skill in selection of relevant/appropriate photos nor do they have any idea regarding creation of transparent graphics. At the end of it such person also has to be good at responding and communicating with other Facebook users. Frequent activity is vital, otherwise our fanpage will simply fail.

A good involvement of users on Facebook manifests itself not only through adding comments and issuing ‘likes’, but also sharing posts, creating enticing content, clicking on the links, replying to inbox messages – overall: undertaking activities that will be desirable for the owner of the businesses and the. Facebook is just another portal for promoting a business, but also a communication platform which is a virtual representation of a showroom, office or workshop. The question is, how do you make the users more active and more responsive to your page? And how do you increase the visibility of the fanpage? Read below to find out!

What Facebook posts can spark an interest in a users’ mind?

Posts containing a question

It is worth asking users whether they have already seen or heard anything about an event, place, product or service. It is worth investigating what they think about it by asking them a particular question that will trigger their focus. Questions stimulate the imagination, persuade us to speak out and express your opinion. It is a good idea to start a sentence and ask for it to be completed. Consider this: ‘Do you like mountain bikes? Have you ever ridden this one? [Picture]’ – this entices the audience not only to express their opinion regarding mountain bikes but also to share their story.

Posts with interesting graphics

There are many free photo banks online from which you can easily download a nice, but above all free photo. Just adapt it according to your needs, add a company logo and … it’s ready! For the more advanced who are willing to use more time, a number of graphic-related programs have been created which enable creation of unique and original pictures. And what’s more, they are easier and simpler in use than Photoshop!

Posts appearing regularly

Being systematic is vital when running a fanpage and a company blog. Over time, users get used to fixed dates and expect more posts to appear on a regular basis. This means that you will gain new users who will always stumble across new, fresh content and satisfy the old ones who will always expect updates and news. You basically show that your fanpage, and thus your business is alive and active. When it comes to Facebook, afternoon and evening hours work best for posting content, and it’s recommended to post at least three-four times a week.

Competition entries

The prize in a given competition does not have to be extremely valuable at all. But offering possibilities and opportunities like that gets the users involved. After all, everyone’s always after some free stuff! It’s therefore useful to motivate potential customers, and give them the opportunity to win will not only make them notice your post but may also encourage them to click on more of your content. Moreover, a competition is a great way to establish a good relationship with fans and to shape a positive image of the company. It can also allow you to gain new subscriptions for email newsletters. Just remember to be honest, reliable and write transparent regulations for each competition.

Facebook posts – is it only the title and picture that matter?

Of course not. It is also crucial to take regular care for the appearance of the entire fanpage: supplementing all information, especially contact info, publication of photos, etc. This all depends on the nature of your business however, but the key is to keep your page active! In addition, don’t be afraid of competition and boldly share your entries, as long as they are appropriate, interesting and useful then you shouldn’t hesitate. You should also remember about answering users’ comments as soon as they appear under a post or inbox, including those which may be rude or unflattering – in the end, a customer is allowed to frown or whatnot, you’re meant to show professionality and concern.


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