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Google Gmail will ensure users more privacy  

Google is widely considered a monopolist company among the wide selection of search engine networks. Millions of companies worldwide are constantly striving for high position in the Google search engine ranking, and to many no other search engine matters. But Google, as the most popular Internet search engine is just one of the average company’s sources, because Google Chrome and Google Gmail are also extensively used and operated.

Email from Google

E-mail services are used by the vast majority of Internet users, although not everyone operates the service at the same frequency. In the past, UK Internet users set up mailboxes primarily on hotmail, yahoo or other mainstream services. Currently, Gmail is in the lead, eagerly being used be the contemporary generation because it has a modern, efficient layout and it effectively protects against spam and viruses. It generally holds a very positive reputation, which is why many people switch to it nowadays. Google Gmail is now the most popular mailbox in the world because it is trusted. However, despite a number of advantages, it has one major disadvantage: it can look into the users’ private messages, which completely counters what they advertise themselves as.

Google Gmail – current message scanning

Google mail

Not all users are aware of this, but e-mails from private individuals who also have a Gmail inbox are often read or scanned by bots. But why? Well, it’s simple: it all serves the personalisation of ads that land on the already mentioned mailbox. Automatic browsing and scanning of private messages therefore allows to entice a potential customer with appropriate ads; in other words, sending him/her advertising content that can actually interest the user based on the discussions that take place in the inbox. In spite of this, Google promises to make changes when it comes to the approach of advertising and privacy. Private emails will be affected by these new changes, company mailboxes and their content weren’t scanned in the first place, so nothing will change here.

Browsing the contents of the Google Gmail mailbox will no longer be the norm

Google announces the following changes:

  • By the end of this year, Google will stop scanning and viewing the content of mailboxes. Ads will continue to be personalised, but in a different way.
  • Ads will appear at the same frequency, but their personalisation will be based on the analysis of users’ general online behaviour rather than outright email scans. Google Gmail will thus use data from other applications.
  • Users will have the right to vote, i.e. they will be given the opportunity to decide for themselves the content of advertisements that are delivered by mail.

Changes in Gmail – what will be the user response?

As mentioned above, most Google users were completely unaware that the contents of their mailbox were being scanned in the first place, because the provided ads were very subtle. Therefore those people won’t experience any major differences after the changes commence. On the other hand, Internet users who were aware of the bot-browsing and were forced to accept this matter will probably be happy with the planned changes. Advertisers, on the other hand, will probably be less satisfied with the recent developments of this issue.

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