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A few words about Google My Business  

Google My Business blogInternet marketing involves many activities that aim to promote the company online and, as a result, increase all revenues from the business’ operations. When it comes to most enterprises, advertising of the website and products requires a lot of work and financial resources. Therefore, whenever possible, one should use SEO or Google AdWords services for marketing. However, if you want to avoid the professional help or promote your business yourself, then it’s worth to at least use a variety of tools that improve the visibility of your website online – especially the free ones such as Google My Business!

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a free tool offered, of course, by Google that essentially provides you the ability to create your own online business card i.e. all your business info will be displayed across Google Search and Maps. The business card usually includes basic information such as opening hours, phone number, directions or photo of the company location from street-view etc. However, these are not the only opportunities Google provides.

What are the benefits of having a business card with Google My Business?

Google BusinessThe greatest benefit is simple; you are offered with a good visibility in the search engine network with zero financial penalties. Thus people who browse the net for given products or services may look through the maps to see what’s located the closest, or which company has the easiest access – so you can easily appear on that list and be instantly recognised. And not only your company name will appear, but also your address, telephone nr. opening hours and user rating; in other words, the most necessary data which greatly facilitates communication and exposure. What’s more, you don’t need to request permissions for special access as the info can be easily entered/edited by yourself. So, for example, during the holiday season or bank holiday weekends you can change the opening hours, or alter the address if you move location. The owner of the company has full control over the e-business card.

If you wish, you may also add a host of pictures on your e-card which display the physical property of the company (from outside and inside), encouraging visits and making it easier to find the place in the first place. Furthermore, like was mentioned above, Google My Business allows you to add comments and ratings about your business, which is an additional, free form of advertising if your business indeed performs well. This feature is fantastic if there is a lot of positive feedback, so it’s vital to be an honest, trustworthy and reliable business because positive opinions will heighten your chances of being picked. On the other hand, a lot of negative feedback may backfire and the process of acquiring new clients. So having this e-card certainly comes with a lot of responsibility and demand to perform well as a company.

Three simple steps that allow you to present your company well on the Internet:

Google suggests that a good presentation of a company on the Internet via Google My Business can be achieved using four simple steps:

  1. Indication of the company’s location,
  2. Verification of company data,
  3. Checking the correctness of the information provided,
  4. Regularly updating the info if it requires such refreshment.

So indeed, it can be concluded that creating an online business card and providing information on the internet can actually be very easy and beneficial. Genuinely, all it takes is to fill out relevant info fields on the GMB website regarding basic company info, and then verify the info using a PIN code that will be sent to the relevant address. After completing the above steps, the business owner will gain the ability to manage the e-card and add/delete/alter information regarding the company. The company owner will also have free access to statistics which generate the number of views on the business card, clicks on it, as well as the number clicks on the phone number – the latter applies primarily to a situation whereby the page is displayed on a smartphone and the user is redirected to his phone-calling app via the number link.

Google My Business – A Summary

There’s no doubt that the GMB tool is vital because it helps online users to find your business, it eases their search and provides the users with verified information about your company. In addition, if you update your profile with up-to-date info, provide attractive and enticing photos via Google My Business and your profile is filled with positive comments, it instantly becomes an excellent advertising method for the company. It should also be noted that if you use this tool a Google+ profile is automatically created. Thanks to this the owner of the company gains the ability to efficiently communicate with potential clients, respond to their comments, queries and add data about any new products and promotions. If you want to read more about Google my Business visit this blog post.

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