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Google Partners program – what is it?

SEM and SEO agencies ensure that their employees can boast about various Google certificates that they, or the company they work for have gained. Access to free educational exams is often provided to people employed by agencies that participate in the Google Partners program.

Google Partners – for whom?

The Google program is specifically aimed at advertising agencies, e-marketing specialists and other people in the internet industry who manage AdWords accounts. Google essentially wants to support these agencies but also cooperate with professionals who are well associated with Google services. The Google Partners training has been organised and continued since 2013.

How to register?

Obtaining a ‘Partner’ status is possible after meeting the requirements of the Mountain View giant. The registration for the Google Partners program itself runs smoothly, you just need to create your account – the so-called ‘individual profile’. You can also create a company profile for the entire agency. Google recommends a combination of both profiles; that way the benefits of participating in the program will be even higher.

Google requirements for new Partners

The official Google Partners Certificate can be obtained by agencies (and other specialists) who meet a total of four criteria:

  • present reliable company data,
  • obtain the Google AdWords Certificate,
  • spend roughly $10,000 throughout 90 days on AdWords accounts,
  • use proven methods of running advertising campaigns.

Benefits of participating in the Google Partners program

Google Partners insightParticipation in the Google Partners program provides a number of vital benefits. The most important ones include access to closed trainings and the latest industry news, methods and techniques. Partners will familiarise themselves with the latest solutions introduced by Google (long before others). Owning the Google Partners Certificate essentially raises the rank of the agency. And the image of the company is very important, as it will impact the business when it comes to acquiring new customers and providing them with the highest quality, trustful services. Google support is very useful in everyday work of SEO and SEM specialists, not just because of the good reputation, but because Google, above everyone else knows how online advertising and SEO activities should be executed – so their advice, tips and recommendations are crucial if your business wants to stay relevant. In addition, Google Partners have an easier direct contact with Google in case any problems or issues arise.

What do free trainings give you if you’re a part of the Google Partners Academy?

The training, but also other materials made available to Partners, allow agencies to deepen their knowledge and be up to date with online marketing trends. Google cares about the timeliness and high level of knowledge of the Google requirements; so suiting their needs will in turn allow the agencies to gain an advantage over the competition. The free courses prepare an individual or a whole agency to pass the certification exams. Obtaining a Google Certificate has a good effect on the agency’s image, builds its credibility and makes the advertising process more successful. But above all, it gains you customers – in the end, there are clients who desire trust and reliability over anything else during a cooperation, and he/she may not take on your services if your agency does not have the Google Partners stamp showcased on their website.

Google Partners program – in summary

Overall, a Google Partner will benefit a lot from participating in the program. The vast benefits, especially of the image, are gained not only by the agency itself, but also by individual employees who have the opportunity to improve their professional skills. This therefore becomes their incentive, as their CV will be brighter and their loyalty with your business stronger. Participants of the Google Partners Academy have access to approved educational materials; therefore they have the possibility of adding an extra skill to their portfolio. But above all, a participation in the program is free, all that is required is effort and determination.

If you want to learn more about google partners program you can contact one of such partners under this link.

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