Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing – what is it and why is it worth investing in it?

It’s been known for a long time now that many factors influence a decision of a person who is willing to make a purchase online. One of the most important factors is the opinion of other people, in particular those who are widely known and liked. In the context of internet marketing, we speak of many issues, including SEO, positioning and advertising in social media. Alongside of all of this influencer marketing plays a big role.

Influencer marketing – the definition

According to the definition coming from the WhitePress website, influencer marketing is an area of internet marketing, based on involvement of recognisable people in the promotion of the brand/service/product etc. An influencer can be either a well-known person e.g. a celebrity, blogger, vlogger, among many others. It can also be an Internet user who strongly contributes to social media e.g. a Youtuber or a specialist, an expert in a given field, willing to share his knowledge on the Internet e.g. Nutrition and Physical Health expert. A cooperation of the promoting company with the influencer can have some great advantages – it inspires trust within potential customers. Whether that person has thousands of followers, or subscribers, what matters is that their audience choose to follow them and are thus more likely to accept and purchase the products/services they promote. Third parties consider advertising messages with celebrities to be more authentic, as it’s their ‘true’ opinion that matters. Reviews of influential Internet users significantly contribute to the increase of user interest promoted by the brand/service/product.

Why is influencer marketing effective?

It has been accepted that a popular person who frequently shares their content/themselves on the Internet, will presents his/her own, real opinion about a product, or whatnot. Random people with no following, high charisma or popularity won’t achieve the same effect; yet a celebrity who is advertising something with his own face next to it cannot lie. It’s a very simple psychological trick, whereby people who admire someone are more likely to be influenced/persuaded by that person. But is that always the case? Well, it actually happens variably, but the facts are that the opinions of well-known and well-liked people significantly affect shopping decisions. These statistics have already been examined, and if this wasn’t the case and influencer marketing was a complete flop then there wouldn’t be so many well-known artists, sportsmen and celebrities in internet or television commercials. Although, of course, TV advertising is a completely different story.

Investment in influencer marketing – why and how it pays off

marketingThe press, radio or the aforementioned television are based on one-sided communication. The user who receives the advertising message at the moment is not able to immediately react to it e.g. by commenting on the forum, asking specific questions, adding opinions etc. Moreover some viewers or listeners are forced to watch or hear adverts that they haven’t signed up for. The case is different for the internet – firstly, people willingly choose to follow or subscribe to an influencer, and therefore they can expect ads or even like/approve of them – besides, they are often left with a choice to ignore a post which presents the ad. Furthermore, if they choose to do so, they are instantly able to react to the ad, either by quickly visiting the brand’s link that’s attached to the post or by adding comments on the post with special inquiries. Therefore the ad presented by an influencer is fresh and entices immediate response. This isn’t the case with other sorts of media advertising, where we usually instantly forget the ad we just heard/seen. Influencer marketing thus provides the opportunity to establish a closer relationship with customers; the distance between the company and the client is much shorter. Ideally, it’s best if the promoted brand directly relates to the influencer’s personal activities/field of interest/work. That way the ad won’t seem random and out of place, but instead will directly relate to the content that the followers subscribed to. Influencer is therefore kind of a link between the company and the customer, and the closer the chemistry between advertiser & influencer, the more success the add will have. We are dealing here with the effect of ‘borrowed’ trust – i.e. if we trust a celebrity, we will also trust the brand it promotes.

Influencer marketing and SEO

Influencer marketing is also important for process of online website positioning. Influencers who recommend something or post links to the company’s website or product are a huge asset. Thanks to their participation in the promotion of the brand, a strong link profile is created, which is one of Google’s biggest ranking factors. Influencers, especially those who run their own blogs, create very interesting and, what’s most important, unique content also add positively to the ranking criterion. In addition, influencer marketing brings clear benefits in the form of increased traffic to the website, contributing greatly to the visibility of the website on the web. The benefits of working with influencers are therefore very measurable and respected. It is therefore worth taking advantage of the opportunities offered by this form of internet marketing.

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