Interactive agency and advertising agency

Interactive agency and advertising agency – similarities and differences

It’s very likely that if we ask ‘What is an advertising agency?’ a lot of people will know the answer to this question. Such questionnaires have already been carried out, and most people provide the correct answer, even if it’s vague or brief. However, when asked a question about an interactive agency, the confident responses hinder, and many scratch their heads with confusion and bafflement.

Spreading brand awareness and promoting products

The slogans ‘marketing agency’, ‘advertising agency’ or ‘interactive agency’ are often treated as synonyms, and the use of this terminology to describe a single concept is incorrect. Of course, the advertising and interactive agency have a lot in common, but they are certainly not the same. They are connected by the fact that both fields focus on promotion of a given company i.e. the brand, services, products etc. In each case, it is about spreading knowledge and awareness about the brand and business as a whole and, as a result, achieve profits by multiplying the visitors and customers who report to the agency.

Advertising can take many forms. But the advertising agency and the interactive agency differ when it comes to their promotion channels, methods and forms of advertising.

Advertising agency

The advertising agency deals primarily with the promotion of services and products in real life, rather than virtual web. This encompasses promotion in form of leaflets, brochures, business cards, advertising gadgets (bags, pens, mugs, lanyards for keys, balloons), posters or advertising banners. A lot of this promotion is also set on presenting advertisements on cars and public transport vehicles, marketing stands, press, books etc. It’s thus all about the physicality of the advertising. However, that isn’t just their only focus, there are times when advertising on websites, television and radio are also created.

Interactive agency

agencyOn the contrary, employees of the interactive agencies focus exclusively on activities carried out on the online web. They aren’t interested in phisical items such as leaflets and posters – their target is online advertising, and that alone (If you are interesting in working with such agency visit Mapi Media website) . Of course, sometimes advertising on websites and web portals (e.g. on YouTube) may be the same as the ads we are fed with on TV, but these formats vary, and each site may have their unique or traditional preferences of advertising methods. Nonetheless, it all takes place virtually, behind a screen.

An interactive agency can carry out various tasks, but usually focuses on hosting websites on the WorldWideWeb. In other words, such agencies aid the businesses and firms that are struggling to gain significant visibility in Google. In addition, many agencies nowadays offer the alternative or adjacent AdWords campaigns that can be chosen as method of online promotion of services/products. Some sectors of the agencies also opt to run social media sites for the businesses. I.e. run the fan pages, social media channels and other online accounts of corporate clients. A vital role in the world of online advertising is also played by whisper marketing (e.g. use of website catalogues, forums, comment sections, chat boxes, blogs etc.).

Today’s interactive agencies are quite dynamic and offer a lot of extra services to choose from. For example, some may provide services comprising of auditing and subsequent optimisation of websites. Construction, development and design of websites and e-commerce online stores may also be on the cards if the agency is in possession of appropriate tools and specialists.

An advertising agency and an interactive agency

Nowadays, the scope of services provided by one or the other agency is growing steadily more and more. In fact a lot of the services overlap and cross-over, and some agencies take over tasks that were until now a specifically applicable to other fields of marketing. So the characteristic of modern agencies may be very flexible. This is why many people mistake one agency for the other.

Nonetheless, it still cannot be said that an advertising and interactive agency deal with the same thing, and it’s vital to know how they are distinguished. Perhaps one day there will arise a situation when you may need to call an agency, and it would be good if you got in touch with the right one..

It’s crucial to know that if we were to give them both a universal name that would suggest a link between the two, then perhaps the term ‘marketing agency’ would be appropriate. And indeed, if when we enter this phrase into a search engine, the results will usually yield entries for both advertising and interactive agencies.

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