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Keyword selection – the tools

SEOYou don’t need to convince anybody about the importance of the right choice of keywords. Because it’s widely known that the success of SEO campaigns stems from them. Paid Google AdWords ads also depend on keywords. This means that specific keywords should be found in many places on the webpage. However, a site shouldn’t be overloaded with their accumulation either. A right balance should be found, and many SEO agencies specialise in that field – they have professional set of skills and expertise, so keyword use, and selection shouldn’t be a problem if you cooperate with the right agency. But let’s say you want to get into SEO yourself, or gain some insight regarding the process of website hosting, then the question arises: how to make the selection of keywords relevant? The simplest solution is to use dedicated tools.

Keyword selection will be correct if we use several tools that are very popular among the professional SEO community:

Selection of Google AdWords keywords

The tool provided by Google is one of the most popular out there – it’s perfect for companies which also run AdWords campaigns. SEO specialists or people dealing with content marketing can use it, but in their case the results won’t be completely reliable and should be used with other tools.

Google Trends

A very interesting tool to find a valuable keyword selection is Google Trends. This tool also helps to check the popularity of selected keywords during a given period of time. For example, it may be the case that a few months ago the word was very popular and today it is no longer. The algorithms on keywords change constantly and keeping up with the trend is vital.

Ubersuggest tool

One of the free, most effective tools for analysing keywords. Keyword selection is based on criteria such as keyword variation or user language.

Senuto tool

Like the one above, it’s a reliable, popular and fantastic tool for searching and analysing keywords. It displays the best suggested keywords, but also informs you of other valuable insights, such as the main potential of the keywords, PPC (payment per click), number of searches per keyword over the last year etc.

Keyword Combination Tool

As the name suggests, the tool allows you to check the combination of keywords. The tool uses two search fields – in one, you enter the keyword, in the other the adjective defines it. The effect of these activities is to obtain results in the form of phrases that are most frequently searched on Google or other search engines.

Keyword Tool

Keyword selection is also allowed by the Keyword Tool. In this programme it’s all about generating and finding out info regarding the so-called long-tail phrase. The tool’s operation is akin to ‘autocomplete’ in Google search.

Soovle tool

The suggested keywords are chosen based on the statistics observed throughout various online platforms, not just the search engines: Google, Wikipedia, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, Amazon, among others. The tool is very simple to use and it’s easy to get into it.

Answer the Public tool

Another very interesting tool for efficiently searching for long-tail keywords. It suggests not only specific keywords/phrases, but also displays sentences, which users most commonly type in when browsing the web or searching for a specific thing/information/service.

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