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Live chat – is this a good feature to be included on the company website?

On the one hand, website owners care about their websites being presented in the highest quality, and they want to include many innovative, creative and unique solutions. On the other hand, moderation should be maintained to keep the website sleek and easy to use – in the end, you don’t want the customer to be too overwhelmed. Some features and opportunities offered on a company website are never fully used anyway – but how are we meant to know what’s useful and what isn’t? Is the live chat service a valuable feature or is it advised to avoid it? Keep reading to find out!

What is a live chat?

chatLive chat placed on the company’s website is nothing but an opportunity for you and the customer to talk or exchange info. It offers quick access for the website visitor to ask a question, and for you to reply quickly. When Live chat is active then every user who enters your site will be able to send specific queries to the company. Appointing a consultant or person who will be able to answer the chat requests at all times is always recommended if this feature is offered; in the end the customers do not want to be waiting hours for a reply.

If you don’t have much time or you don’t know who to appoint for the job, then you can always leave it in the hands of digital marketing companies who have specialists in the field of customer service and online consultancy. Though it’s always recommended that someone from the company’s field of work has an input, after all sometimes the questions may be technical and complex, so it’s advised that an inside employee will be present to answer all queries.

A website’s provision of this service is neither complicated nor expensive, which is why the online live chat is constantly growing in popularity. After all the communication from both sides is made easy, simple and quick, therefore the business and the customer can exchange fast responses, making the exchange process efficient and effective. Customers are always eager to use the opportunity to reach out to the company – after all, no number dialling, or email typing is required, the chat is there as your browse the site! And in many cases, it’s this very little feature that can ease a customer’s life, thus determining whether the customer takes upon the company’s offer. So in short, yes it’s certainly worth to insert this feature if you have the means to do so!

What are the further advantages of using live chat on a company website?

Increased trust in the company

If the user knows that he/she has the opportunity to ask rapid questions and gain quick, clear and helpful responses i.e. they’re corresponding with a knowledgeable and competent person on the other side, then the customer’s sense of security significantly increases. That way they are less afraid of fraud or purchasing something they weren’t too confident about. If it’s a genuine person, not a computer talking to them then their confidence rises and they are more likely to make a purchase. Their doubts are essentially dispelled immediately. But above all, the potential customer saves time and effort, because he/she doesn’t have to search extensively for answers, lose time writing an email or waste money on making calls. A company that offers immediate, professional advice becomes a trustworthy enterprise.

Advantage over the competitors

Not all online businesses decide to use the live chat service, because they themselves doubt the feature or are conservative and afraid of new solutions, preferring the old fashioned ways of communication. But this is exactly why the companies that have purchased and incorporated such service stand out from the competition. The popularity of chat rooms, comment sections and quick-inquiry forms on corporate websites is rapidly growing, but these features still aren’t as big as the presence of some companies on social media. Live chat will give users a hint that the company is modern, not afraid of change and it’s trying to find all mediums of communication to aid the customer. It all goes back to trust, and if trust is gained then all competition will be beaten.

A good replacement for a call-centre

Large companies, especially those that have massive online stores, employ expert consultants whose job is to receive telephone calls, provide information, take orders and answer all queries. A call-centre is a much more expensive to uphold as a communication service than a live chat, and far more demanding. The person answering telephones must be constantly ready at their desk and prepared to answer all questions at once; this solution may not only be stressful for the employee but also the customer. After all recent study has shown that a lot more people are more confident and willing to cooperate through written-means of communication, because chat over the phone simply makes them uncomfortable or puts them off.

So answering written questions online is an equally effective form of communication. In addition, a single consultant can simultaneously write with several potential clients at one time, while over the phone he/she will be occupied by one person only. Thus we are not only being efficient, we can save the business a lot of money.

Positive impact on sales

As mentioned earlier, live chat may positively influence the growth of trust in the company. Customers can ask away as much as they like and instantly be greeted with a reliable answer. Both the increase in trust and good communication contribute to accumulating the number of buyers. In the end, customers value the opinions of others, even if these people are consultants employed to be present on the online store. And any confirmation, direct answer, or ease of dubious thoughts will be an incentive for a potential client to place an order.

Live chat on the website – a summary

As we have hopefully shown above, a live chat on the company’s website is an excellent contemporary solution to solve communication issues. It’s a modern investment that will certainly pay off.

Nonetheless, it still isn’t practiced as much as it should be. Indeed it requires a constant presence and involvement, either from the business owner himself, or another hired consultant. So if it’s a small (1-2 man) business, with only email-correspondence available, then the lack of the live chat is completely understandable. Though we can’t stress enough that a live chat can also make the life of the business owner much easier, so if it is a possibility it’s best to spend a little extra money to get professional consultants involved who can not only help out but make your business seem reliable, informative and trustworthy. As was mentioned above, the use of digital marketing agencies can be a good, fairly cheap solution. If you implement this, you’ll immediately stand out and become more recognisable on your market. And in time a small feature like this may ultimately contribute to an increase in profits from sales.

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