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Online stores are gradually becoming more and more popular – let’s investigate why!   

store onlineShopping on online stores has many advantages, which is precisely why the number of people choosing to use e-stores is increasing year by year. Online stores save you time and provide a lot of convenience. Owners of stationary/physical shops, stores and outlets have started to notice that shopping online becomes a priority for some and that online activities may impact their business, which is why they themselves opt for opening up online solututions. However, the process isn’t as simple as it seems, and before any work is undergone the business owners should remember a couple of fundamental rules about e-stores. Firstly, its construction should be transparent, understandable, navigation should be easy and seamless, writing should be comprehensible and readable, all elements should be responsive and should load faster, the transactions carried out should be safe and quick, and the rules of returns and complaints should be clearly exposed and most of all present! – These are only some of the few components that match the criteria of a good e-store.

Large-scale online sale a threat to physical stores?

It’s safe to say that a big business with a couple of stationary stores can additionally open an online store and this way, theoretically, it shouldn’t lose any customers – in fact even new ones may be gained. But what about small phisical-operating stores, independent and family-owned businesses? For them, running a business online is an abstraction, especially if the business is owned by people of older generation who haven’t yet adapted to such norms. For them, online sales are becoming more and more competitive and may threaten their existence as a whole. This is mostly the case for retail shops that deal with clothing, footwear, appliances etc. Like the recent ToysRus which has closed down as a result of decreased sales. It’s no longer a fantasy, it is a reality, and even enormous shops (that as little as 10 years ago were profitable and prominent), are now disappearing into nothing – even if some of their customers have remained loyal. This is the harsh reality of the internet, and nowadays (if you want to make money), opening up an e-store should be the first step to consider.

Online stores earn a lot of money

We often make a lot of purchases via online stores by justifying to ourselves that it’s not worth paying for a single item, especially if shipping/delivery costs are included. It’s very often the case that we also add new products to the basket, hoping to reach the threshold of free shipping – like on Amazon whereby you need to buy product(s) over a certain money threshold in order to qualify for Amazon Free Delivery. In the event that a given item does not meet the expectations of buyers, you can send it back. In practice, however, it often happens that the thing we dislike stays with us, because the customer has no time to send parcels back or spend additional money on delivery. Thanks to this, the earnings of online stores are actually very good. If you think about it, if you bought a number of goods from a physical store, and you decide you’re not happy with them, or they’re the wrong size, it’s more likely that you’ll be inclined to visit that shop in order to claim a return. So not only online shops deal with less returns and complaints cases, they also make more profit from people. Thus, in that sense owning an e-store might even be a better solution for companies than owning physical stores.

It is worth noting that people shop online fairly regularly, and not just occasionally, as it happened a few years ago. Statistics show that year by year we spend increasingly more money on e-shopping (if you are looking for agency which will create your e-shop visit this website). In the end, as we mentioned above, it is a convenience – it is easy and comfortable to shop from your own couch, rather than ploughing through piles of clothes and tons of people to find the items you desire. We save time, and potentially money – because a lot of e-stores apply discounts and sales that aren’t always seen in physical shops. It really makes us question why physical shops still exist!

Industries for which online stores work the best

e-shopElectronics and household appliances as well as furniture are often purchased online. But without a doubt clothes and footwear are the ones bought most often through the internet. As we briefly mentioned above, shopping in a physical retail shop can be tiring, exhausting and time-consuming because of the crowds and masses/piles of clothes to manually whiz by. Why choose this over scrolling through your iPad, calmly purchasing your new trainers whilst watching your favourite TV show? The only good aspect of physical shops are the changing rooms where you may choose to try on an item and instantly see if it fits/suits you. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible when shopping online, but many e-stores try to provide you a close comparison by attaching many photos of models of various builds and their precise measurements.

The construction of online stores should therefore be perfectly executed if you want to make a positive impact on your visitors and potential customers. You always have to think that your competition is waiting to snatch your customers away. Nowadays you must be a truly unique business to have little or no competition at all, because the expanse of e-stores is consistently growing and demand for goods is more intense now than ever. In the end, the online economy is booming and companies all over the UK want to establish their prominence on the internet. Many even offer to travel all over the UK to provide their services, which is why if you’re a small, local company you’ll need even more help.

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