Tools for planning posts

Tools for planning posts for social media

tools for social mediaWhen it comes to social media we could create thousands of articles on this topic, especially regarding their significance on positioning of websites. This article will deal with the activity of adding entries/posts across various platforms. In particular, we will focus our discussion on tools for planning posts for social media.

First of all, social media posts (also called entries) can’t be too long. Each social channel has its own character limit included in the publishing restrictions. The shortest are usually Twitter posts with approx. 250 characters available, but this website is significantly different from Facebook or Instagram, where the captions/writing can be extensive. But Facebook and Instagram are currently the two most popular social media channels in the UK so the lack of restrictions is vital. A post can be simply a collection of words or characters, but it can also contain funny emoticons, photos, data charts, self-created graphics, as well as links to articles, websites, blogs or other places on the web.

Many specialised tools have been created over the years for professional social media users, aiding them in their work. Some of them are free, others are paid. In this article, we will browse a selection of the free tools that can be used not only by companies, but also by private users of internet.

Free tools for planning posts in social media

If you are thinking of promoting your business right on the internet, Social media entries should appear regularly, otherwise they won’t have a chance to hit the target group and get them active and involved. They should also be interesting, enticing and not too long so that they don’t bore the reader. However, the ability to create short but accurate posts isn’t an easy task, but with a little passion and creativity you can easily learn to do so. Sometimes, if a person running the social media channel has a lot of artistic spirit, can use language very well and enjoys this job then they won’t struggle in being successful at publishing. Hundreds of free tools for planning posts for social media are available online, and not only they avail a person with posting, these tools also make sure that the posts are fantastically received!


First of all there’s Hootsuite. It’s a very popular tool, constantly used to support and monitor activities carried out in social media. The free version of the program makes it possible to manage three profiles e.g. on Facebook, and create regular publication schedules for them.


It’s an equally interesting tool that allows you to manage one profile, but in various social media, such as Facebook or Twitter. With the help of the program, the user can quickly and efficiently arrange the publication schedule of posts – a maximum of 10 for each site.


‘If This Then That’ tool is ideal for planning posts in social media, as well as sending e-mails with specific content. Thanks to this program, it can be organised so that after an article is published on the company blog, a post across social medias will be automatically added notifying of the fresh blog post.


There’s a host of tools for planning posts in social media and Postifity is one of them, a very adored and highly rated system. It offers the possibility to manage five profiles in social media and plan ten posts at the same time.

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